In looking back this specially commissioned Princess Vanden Plas was ordered in 1965 by the Crowns Agents in Jamaica.  The Prime Minister at the time was Sir Alex Bustamante along with the Govern General Sir Clifford Campbell.

The Queen left the car for safe keeping with Sir Campbell to be used as his official state automobile as he was the Queens representative and would have a need for a proper limousine for other official visits and functions.

Michael Mandley became Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1972 to 1980 during that period Jamaica became a Democratic Socialist government with ties to Cuba. Jamaica’s economic spiral started when the charismatic Michael Mandley took power.  Before that time under British rule Jamaica’s economy was the envy of the Caribbean.  Multi national companies were flocking to Jamaica’ shores to invest.  Jamaica was called the “Pearl of the Caribbean”.   As the economy slowed and the need for the stately trappings of the British Empire were no longer necessary the government got rid of the vehicle as it represented capitalism and the old history of the country.  It was purchased by one individual, Keith Ryan. The current owner saw the Queens classic car in a garage of his dear friend and he immediately wanted to purchase a piece of history.   He had the car taken to America where he took the time and expense to completely refurbish this one of a kind, Queens Elizabeth II’s Limousine to its original splendor.

Princess Vanden Plas




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