Very few individuals will have the pleasure to drive or be driven in such a unique one of a kind automobile like the Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre Landaulette.   It has been perfectly restored for a special new owners enjoyment.  Built by the Queens Agents in 1965 for the soul purpose of her Royal Visit in 1966 this special one of a kind is for a British automobile enthusiast or for a Queens Royal watcher.  While most Americans think the British Royal Family is a Rolls Royce family, they actualy are a Princess and Daimler Family exclusively.

These cars are provided for use on official engagements and state visits and are unique in the fact that they are not required to display any registration number on the front or rear of the vehicle.  This was most unusual that a Royal Car was commissioned for a foreign visit.

In Jamaica, Queen Elizabeth flew to her destination and was met by her Royal Car on arrival, then it was used for the official visit in 1966 as part of the historic journey.  State Cars such as this one are instantly recognizable in their Royal Claret Livery.